Department Manager Organizational Assistant

The Organizational Assistant reports to the Manager of Engineering
Organizational assistant role will aid in the development of non-discipline specific work practices (on-boarding, training coordination, etc.) to ensure consistency in approach by all disciplines. Organizational Assistant will develop, improve, and provide structure to support a growing organization with diverse client base.
Human Resource Coordination:
Provide recruiting assistance, including the development, modification, and maintaining of role descriptions for all disciplines.
Screening of resumes and serve as liaison to HR organization in the onboarding process.
Work with new employees to ensure they promptly create a Jacobs Resume
Maintain and manage onboarding activities
Manage and coordinate Resume updates (annual) and/or necessary updates to support projects.
Maintain and manage college recruitment tools (set up details, gifts, etc.)
Work Visa Process Coordination
Develop work process that enables staff to attain work visas in an efficient manner.
Update Oracle with pay rate changes (interfacing with HR as required)
Track and maintain Service Award Program, ensuring consistency in approach.
Maintain and help resolve systemic problems with Jacobs HR program (identification of systems that do not work and how to resolve).
Training Coordination:
Maintain and manage budget for training activities for all department.
Facilitate and develop (in conjunction with Department Manager) a training program that enable new employee development in work process
Enhance existing training library.
Assist DMs in organizing training materials and approach that delivers effective training (creative)
Maintain training records
Project Coordination Support:
Organize and coordinate estimates to support proposals, setting up and arranging client documents to best support proposal effort.
Maintain PE listing file
Develop and implement JPI communications with the objective of ensuring consistency in approach by all disciplines.
Technical Standards and Quality Library Influence:
Owner of the Technical Standards and Quality Library
Focus on improvements in layout to enable quicker location of necessary files.
Work with the Department Managers to ensure common layout approach
Maintain review/update plan for all documents (annual/biannual) and coordinate reviews
Experience in the EPC environment is preferred, familiar with our office work practices.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Strong organizational skills

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